vRealize Automation 7.x roles – demystifying role assignment symbols

As many of you are probably aware, vRealize Automation 7.x can be a bit cryptic with regards to information displayed in the GUI.

One particular area that I found difficult to interpret was:

Administration -> Users & Groups -> Directory Users and Groups -> Add roles to this User

The roles were showing as a mixture of , and .

I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere for this, so here it is:

  •  – Role not granted
  •  – Role explicitly granted in vRealize Automation GUI
  •  – Role inherited from AD/LDAP group membership

In the following example we have inherited Application Architect and Approval Administrator from Active Directory/LDAP, explicitly granted Business Management Administrator within the vRA GUI, and not granted the Business Management Controller and Business Management Readonly User roles:

Stay tuned for an upcoming post breaking down all of the permissions included in each vRA role as well as vRB roles!

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